5 Reasons I Decided To Move To Europe


If adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad.” – Jane Austen

1.) Passion For Travel & Writing

Having parents who had moved from Europe and South America to New York exposed me to travel at such a young age. Most of my family is outside of the U.S, and I grew up with three languages, which I am forever thankful to my parents for teaching me. From spending summer ferragostos with my cousins in Italy, to spending time in Peru and Venezuela, and doing a foreign exchange spring break week in high-school—my foundation of wanderlust was set.

But it was my semester abroad in Granada, Spain that truly set it in stone.


Travel is one of my biggest passions—as is writing, hence how this blog cam about. Having the opportunity to indulge in these two makes me feel extremely blessed.

2.) My Career

My ultimate goal is to enter the international and multicultural marketing field, and this internship abroad will help strengthen many skills that will help me do so.  Not only is this the ideal experience to have;  being exposed to different cultures and being able to practice my foreign languages—but I’m able to do this all & share it with everyone via this blog and other social media platforms.


My career and personal passions all mixed into one experience? Win.

3.) To Inspire
Even if one single person receives some inspiration to travel from reading this blog, that would be enough.
Many people believe it’s so difficult or downright impossible to travel, which is extremely far from the truth. And I have many resources to back this up (coming soon!)
There are numerous programs ranging from a summer to a year abroad, that are out there to join. And I haven’t even mentioned how much more affordable tuition is to do a semester/ year abroad in certain European cities, compared to most American universities.

dont Everything is possible.
All you have to do is attract it your way. And of course, work your culo off to get it.

4.) You’re Only Young Once
I am a 22-year young girl fresh out of college, and honestly I felt the time for this adventure was now.
It was a difficult choice to turn down some amazing opportunities back home, because I am truly passionate about my career—but this will help my career goals in the long run. Plus, New York City won’t be going anywhere.


And I refuse to let that moment happen.

5.) “I regret going abroad.” – Said




Anyone going through a similar experience? Please share any stories! I love to hear about different adventures.


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